Eggdrop promotes a new menu in the “Our Blues” drama

Sandwich brand Eggdrop announced on the 8th that it had conducted a PPL for its new product 'Ham and Cheese Street Toast' in the tvN Saturday drama 'Our Blues' on the 8th.

In 'Our Blues', which was broadcast on the 8th, Dongseok, a trucker, received toast from an egg drop store, picked up items at the market, and presented a mukbang where he ate deliciously.

Egg Drop's new product, Ham and Cheese Street Toast, is a new menu planned and launched in May. The existing egg drop menu consisted of soft 'scrambled eggs' as the main dish, but this new product is street toast that captivates Korean taste buds by combining cabbage and special sauce with a savory and light fried egg centered around it.

Eggdrop CEO Lee Jun-ho said, "I'm happy to introduce a new Groomery Toast while doing PPL for the drama <Our Blues>, which has been a hot topic for a while."