[Press release] EGGDROP releases 4 types of meringue burgers

Releases the “meringue burger series” with meringue filled with cream cheese and egg spread
4 new menus incorporating various preferences…to be released in order from the end of this month
EGGDROP, “wish to provide enjoyment for consumers with unique taste and appearance”

Sandwich brand EGGDROP revealed on the 26th that it has released its new menu the “meringue burger.”
That day, according to EGGDROP, the new meringue burger has a meringue patty self-developed by EGGDROP.

Cream cheese has been added to soft, fluffy meringue and wrapped with egg spread for the meringue patty, to present richer flavors with sweetness and softness. The meringue burger comes in 4 new kinds of menu, including the “ham cheese meringue burger” with fresh vegetables and flavorful ham and cheese, the “maple bacon meringue burger” with harmony of sweet maple syrup and savory bacon and American cheese, the “potato meringue burger” with bacon, hash brown, cheese, and white cream sauce, and the “veggie garden meringue burger,” low in calorie, with fresh vegetables, tomatoes, refreshing lemon dressing and cream cheese meringue

A person affiliated to EGGDROP explained, “EGGDROP’s goal is to please the taste and sight of consumers. With this applied on the “meringue burger,” we hope that it will provide a new enjoyment to our consumers. Also, recently there have been false rumors about EGGDROP, expanding the misunderstanding. We will try our best to communicate and provide the best taste and service so that the integrity of our brand can be delivered.”

Meanwhile, EGGDROP will release the 4 kinds of menu from the 28th and all of them use EGGDROP’s unique brioche bun fully of buttery flavor.