[Press release] EGGDROP to overcome COVID-19, financial support for suffering stores

The premium sandwich brand EGGDROP has been known to support storeowners suffering from the COVID-19 situation by providing ingredients free of charge.

According to the distribution industry, EGGDROP has began giving financial support and ingredients free of charge to its franchise stores in the beginning of 2020, when the independent business owners have begun to face challenges due to the expansion of COVID-19. Especially in March last year, EGGDROP has helped a total of 161 stores suffering from social distancing to continue business by providing direct financial support. And even in April last year, EGGDROP continued to lessen their burden from purchasing ingredients by providing additional distribution support for all stores. 

Also, in February this year, during the egg supply crisis due to the highly pathogenic AI wave, EGGDROP has notified all stores of providing ingredients free of charge in order to prevent increased cost of franchise stores following the increased price of eggs. All stores were funded with ingredients that make up the main components of EGGDROP’s sandwiches—brioche bread, cheese, eggs, bacon, etc.—except for stores that notified the headquarters of refusing support. 

A person affiliated to EGGDROP said, “we promised support to improve profits and activate business of franchise stores suffering from COVID-19,” and added, “we supported them in hope that we can help the challenges of the storeowners through support from headquarters. We will continue to prioritize coexistence with storeowners and overcome such crisis.”

Meanwhile, EGGDROP has continued activities of supporting stores since 2018 aside from the COVID-19 support. It has been providing ingredients free of charge by selecting the “store of the month” with excellent business every month, targeted to all of the stores across the country. It has executed deduction support of purchase cost by selecting 10 excellent stores in March.